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This Site Safety Plan (SSP) is for use by all Rovera Scaffolding (ACT) Pty Ltd staff and workers and
subcontractors and their workers during the life of this project. The Rovera Scaffolding (ACT) Pty Ltd
OHS&R Policy and Procedures will apply for all work activities, and safety will always take precedence
over job expediency.This SSP explains the main provisions, and outlines the key responsibilities and
requirements for Company managers, site supervisors and workers managing risks in, or related to,
the work place.
Scaffold Design Methods

The design of the scaffold systems, scaffolding equipment and scaffolds shall take into account the following,
  The strength, stability and stiffness of the supporting structure.
 The provision of edge protection on platforms.
  The handling and repeated use of components normally associated with scaffolding.
 The safety of persons engaged in the erection, alteration and dismantling of the scaffold.
 The safety of persons accessing and moving along and around the scaffold.
 The safety of persons using the scaffold.
 The safety of persons in the vicinity of the scaffold.
 The environment in which the scaffold is used.
 The duration the scaffold is expected to remain in use.
Where a scaffold is outside the configuration specified by the supplier’s information but using components that have been previously
tested, such configuration shall be confirmed by theoretical analysis or testing in accordance with clauses 2.2.2 and 2.2.3
in AS/NZS1576.1.2010
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.
WHS Codes of Practice
How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks
Work Health and Safety Consultation, Cooperation and Coordination
Managing the Work Environment and Facilities
Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work
Confined Spaces
How to Prevent Falls at Workplaces
How to Prevent Falls in Housing Construction

Australian Standard AS 1576.1.2010   – Scaffolding - General Requirements.
NOTE (All scaffold components manufactured post 2009 are required to be appropriately marked with supplier and system
type as per section 1.5.1 of AS/NZS 1576.1:2010)

Australian Standard AS 1576.2   – Scaffolding - Couplers & Accessories.
Australian Standard AS 1576.3   – Scaffolding - Prefabricated Tube & Coupler Scaffolding.
Australian Standard AS 1576.4   – Scaffolding – Suspended Scaffolding.
Australian Standard AS 1576.6   –  Scaffolding –
Metal Tube & Coupler Scaffolding – Deemed To Comply With AS 1576.3   2006.
Australian Standard AS 4576– Guidelines for Scaffolding.
Australian Standard AS 1577 - Scaffolding Planks.
AS/NZS 1891 .4:2000 Industrial Fall- Arrest systems.
AS 6001 Working Platforms for Housing Industry.
ACT Work Cover – Guidelines for Scaffolding.
Scaffolds and lifts act 1912 and scaffold and lifts regulation 1950.
NSW Work Cover – Erecting, Altering & Dismantling Scaffolding- Part 1 – Prefabricated Steel Modular Scaffolding –
industry Safety Standard August 2008
    All necessary polices  are available at Rovera scaffolding Head Office in Canberra  
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