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Rovera Scaffolding is totally committed to Occupational Health and Safety of its Employees and ensures the health and\ safety
of each individuals expected work environment. All Rover’s services allow for the correct implementation of OH&S procedures, in
accordance with Worker cover's requirements and industry standards.

Rovera Scaffolding Pty Ltd is committed to training and all our team are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards.
Together we work with the work cover and create a yearly training plan for all our staff. We undertake regular reviews of individual
progress and training needs. We instruct our employees of our Work Method Statement at the time of induction at new work sites.
Our in-house professional engineering team has a thorough knowledge of the scaffolding industry, relevant regulatory requirements,
codes of practice and Australian Standards, which enables us to advise our clients on design and compliance requirements for their
scaffolding needs.
The design of the scaffold systems, scaffolding equipment and scaffolds shall take into account the following,

the strength, stability and stiffness of the supporting structure.

The provision of edge protection on platforms.

The handling and repeated use of components normally associated with scaffolding.

The safety of persons engaged in the erection, alteration and dismantling of the scaffold.

The safety of persons accessing and moving along and around the scaffold.

The safety of persons using the scaffold.

The safety of persons in the vicinity of the scaffold.

The environment in which the scaffold is used.

The duration the scaffold is expected to remain in use.
Where a scaffold is outside the configuration specified by the supplier’s information but using components that have been previously
tested,such configuration shall be confirmed by theoretical analysis or testing in accordance with clauses 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 in